Power System and Analytical Studies:

 As specialist in the area of power system and protection, E2cpm is well suited to offer a variety of analytical studies:

Load Flow Studies

Determine Steady State Operating Conditions

–Voltage Profile

–Power Flows

–Current Flows

–Power Factors

–Transformer LTC Settings

–Voltage Drops

–Generator’s Mvar Demand (Qmax & Qmin)

–Total Generation & Power Demand

–Steady State Stability Limits

–MW & Mvar Losses

Short Circuit Analyses

Short-Circuit Study Analyses is used to determine any or all of the following:

–Verify protective device close and latch capability

–Verify protective device Interrupting capability

–Protect equipment from large mechanical forces (maximum fault kA)

–I2t protection for equipment (thermal stress)

–Selecting ratings or settings for relay coordination

Protective-Device Coordination Studies

Arc-Flash Analyses

Power Factor Correction and Harmonic Studies

Large Motor Starting Analysis

Ensure motor feeders sized adequately (Assuming 100% voltage at Switchboard or MCC)

•LV cable voltage drop at starting < 20%

•LV cable voltage drop when running at full-load < 5%

•HV cable voltage drop at starting < 15%

•HV cable voltage drop when running at full-load < 3%

•Maximum motor size that can be started across the line

•Motor kW < 1/6 kW rating of generator (islanded)

•For 6 MW of islanded generation, largest motor size < 1 MW.

E2CPM is an Engineering Service Company specialized in electrical projects.

We provide a one-stop service to the customer, especially for fast track project implementation. Key aspects are conceptual design, engineering, procurement, and construction management, commissioning, and post-commissioning care.

E2CPM is committed to long-term relationships with clients based on excellence, professionalism, honesty as well as shared expertise; and to provide total quality, cost effective and timely engineered solutions and products to satisfy the business needs of its customers.

We profess good management, dedicated leadership, integrity, efficiency and the use of appropriate and cutting-edge technology to yield the most cost effective results in all assignments.

Our truly flexible approach allows a quick turn-around of Projects with no compromise to quality.

Company Profile

The Company structure that has evolved into its present day shape has been an on going process from the day of inception and has given all the employees the feeling of growth and strength.

The company management structure operates as an integrated team sharing responsibility and workload. This has proved to be a working solution allowing Management to back up each other resulting in Client confidence and peace of mind.

The Company is structured to operate efficiently by being able to expand on its formed structure to accommodate project workloads. Using experienced, well known and reliable contract labour when required, supports this.

The company has been fortunate with the makeup of its Management team in that all key personnel are multi-disciplined and skilled in various aspects of project work, such as, engineering, design, construction and commissioning. This has been of huge advantage to our company to have such experienced, multi-disciplinary, hands on individuals on the Management team. This allows us to give our clients the performance they demand of us.

Our truly flexible approach allows a quick turn-around of Projects with no compromise to quality.

The recipe for our success is embodied in the following:

Technical excellence in engineered solutions,
Strict management control of budgetary constraints,
Strict management control of project planning,
Strict management control of work quality,

The ranges of services offered are:

Electrical Engineering Services.
Project Management
Electrical Distribution.
Electrical Studies/ System Analysis/Calculation
Engineering Design, Preparing drawings
Arc Flash mitigation, Relay Coordination and Setting
Project cost estimates
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning 
Supply, Installation & Commissioning: 

HV and LV Power Reticulation, (overhead lines and switch yards)
MV switchgear and LV switchgear
MCC (Motor Control Centers)
Electrical and Instrument Control panels
PLC Control panels
Lighting and small power distribution systems,
Cable support systems,
Small Power distributions boards
Lighting boards – indoor and outdoor
Lighting supports and brackets
MV and LV Power Reticulation, switch yards or switch boards,
Transformers -Distribution and Power,
Power factor correction units,

High Voltage and Low Voltage works, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning (DSITC)

 Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning  (DSITC) of 63 KV, 40 KV, 33 KV, 15 KV ,13.8 KV, and 11 KV overhead lines
Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning  (DSITC) of Sub-Stations
Erection, Testing and Commissioning of power transformers up to 100 MVA including loading and unloading operations.
Design, Supply, Testing and Commissioning of all kind of Switchgear and other protective equipment for sub-stations
DSITC of all kind of Motor Control Centre (MCC’s), Low Voltage Panels
Installation and termination of Transformers, DG sets
DSITC of Earthing/ Grounding system